Sure signs of madness...


Here's the California Department of Fish & Game protecting our wild heritage.  This sensitive habitat was designated "off limits" and fenced to prevent intrusion by man.  Was it in some isolated, virgin beach far from the ravages of man?


Well not exactly...



Here is some of the most valuable real estate on earth.  At the edge of the paved areas in the middle ground of the picture lies an expanse of waterfront property commanding a view of San Francisco, just across the Bay.  Barely more than 3 miles from San Francisco's Financial District, the site is the former Alameda Naval Air Station. The station was commissioned on November 1, 1940.  The Navy left in 1997.


Today this land serves neither God nor man.  It is preserved from any human access, to say nothing of development.  All to spare the habitat of the California Least Tern!


May I ask: how did this poor creature manage to survive the 56 years the Navy used its habitat for an airfield?



As any fool can plainly see, this precious "natural" habitat is the result of landfill.  If the birds could survive screaming fighter aircraft operating in their backyard for 56 years, couldn't there be some design that accommodates the needs of both bird and man today? USGS Photo, 1993